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      After Slayd’s last single “History” was featured in the trailer for “Barbershop: The Next Cut”, a live performance at Montreal’s Bell Centre in front of 22,000 people, a baseball tribute that was played on the Olympic Stadium’s big screen during Major League Baseball’s return to Montreal, Annakin Slayd is blazing hot. Add these viral explosions to his musical eulogy to Baseball legend Jackie Robinson,  a trilogy of classic anthems for the NHL's Montreal Canadiens and a single featuring a member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and you have a rapper on the verge of becoming a top tier Canadian artist with a distinct flavor unseen before in Hip Hop. The hockey anthem "Feels Like '93" was hailed by CBC as "an instant classic" after airing on the most popular show in the country, Hockey Night in Canada in 2010. As the song became a veritable YouTube sensation, the video and Annakin himself made appearances on CBC, GLOBAL, CTV & TSN.

      No one thought he could top “Feels Like ’93” but Slayd proved he’s not prone to sophomore jinxes. His irresistibly rousing track “MTL Stand Up” exploded onto YouTube and went viral in minutes. An hour later Annakin was a trending topic on Twitter across Canada (something he’s done twice since). The song racked up 400,000 page views and peaked at #5 on iTunes Canada’s Hip Hop Charts. During that span “Feels Like ’93” also peaked at #30. With guest appearances from celeb Canadiens fans Viggo Mortensen, Jay Baruchel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, champion boxers, Hall of Fame baseball players and Gold Medal Olympians, “Rock the Sweater” topped all Slayd’s previous accomplishments last spring by becoming the official playoff anthem of the Canadiens.

       Since his debut single in 2005, Annakin has built a fast growing stable of dedicated fans he calls his “STALWARTS”, lured in by poetic and cinematic reflections on the state of Hip Hop, provocative political and social commentary, throwback pulse pounding beats, melodies that consistently raise hairs and anti-hiphop like musicianship that meld his original style, like a merging of Macklemore & Linkin Park.

Featuring the new fist pumping hit “History”, the inspirational “Almost There”, the powerful anti-bullying ballad “Without a Trace” and the energizing “Luckiest Man Alive”, “Leave it to US” is the latest album from one of the most unique artists in Canada, Annakin Slayd.


   It has been said that before an artist can achieve the global success he must conquer where he’s from first. Well, after having his newest release “Rock the Sweater” become another Canadian viral sensation, adding to a slew of videos that have amassed over 4 million views, and 1.5 million streams on Spotify, no one represents Canada better than Annakin Slayd. Now, with his new single “Luckiest Man Alive” getting a starring role in Crave TV’s massive hit “Letterkenny”, it seems the rest of the world is next…



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